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Saint Laurent

Tutto in saldo

Saint Laurent Handbags & Accessories at Fashionette

Yves Saint Laurent was a fashion icon unmatched by any other. He was known as being provocative, original, and always one step ahead. He mixed the straight-laced styles of the 60s with transparent clothes and designed the first pantsuit for women. “I know that I’ve brought fashion forward and have opened up a new, previously forbidden world for women,” said the designer, fashioning himself as an integral part of women’s emancipation. His career began at the traditional fashion house of Dior, until he founded his own label, YSL, in 1962.

YSL: “I simply have a gift”

And with this gift, Yves Saint Laurent was able to make fashion history and liberate women’s fashion across the world. Androgyny was one of his trademarks, and he blurred the boundaries between the sexes. Saint Laurent took his inspiration from classic art and from his muse, Catherine Deneuve. In 1985, he received the Oscar de la Mode, the highest honor in the fashion world. However, Yves Saint Laurent didn’t enjoy appearing in public and often avoided the limelight. In 2002, he bid farewell to the fashion world with one last, breathtaking runway show before he passed away in 2008. His brand lives on and Saint Laurent handbags continue to enchant women all around the world. The fashion house is classic and radiating with style. It now belongs to Gucci and is successfully led by head designer, Stefano Pilati. Get enchanted by the latest Saint Laurent collection and fulfill the dream of every style-oriented woman with an elegant, distinctive Saint Laurent handbag.

For more information about Saint Laurent handbags, feel free to call our customer service team at 0800 240 44 30. Discover Saint Laurent and many other exclusive designers like Chloé, Lancel or Miu Miu here at Fashionette.