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Tom Ford Handbags & Accessories

Tom Ford, also known as the “King of Cool”, helped reestablish the previously stale luxury label Gucci with a successful re-launch. Today, he not only designs for his own label but also works as a director. He is truly multitalented and is a self-confessed workaholic. With so much hard work and self-discipline, it’s no wonder that Tom Ford was able to ascend to the highest levels of the fashion world. Fragrances, sunglasses, an exclusive men’s collection that replaced Brioni as the official outfitter of James Bond, and now handbags too – Tom Ford has done it all. Tom Ford bags are of the highest quality and are flattering for both men and women. Even Nicole Richie and Jennifer Aniston love Tom Ford handbags. Super refined dark leathers make Tom Ford handbags a perfect complement for any outfit. Tom Ford handbags are the perfect way to showcase your style – all in one package.

Tom Ford’s secret to success

The success of Tom Ford handbags is no accident but the result of hard work. Tom Ford only allows himself four hours of sleep and works non-stop on designs for his new collections. For this, style-conscious men and women are grateful. Tom Ford handbags are internationally popular and are not just must-haves for New Yorkers. Tom Ford bags are now popular like never before, and now both men and women alike can rejoice, as delicious Tom Ford handbags are available for both sexes. Every season he manages to convince people to spend an entire month’s salary on a handbag. If that’s too much for you, however, you can order your Tom Ford bag at Fashionette on a convenient installment plan. Convinced yet?

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