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Missoni Handbags & Accessories at Fashionette

Three sewing machines kicked off the success story that brought us the luxury label Missoni. Ottavio Tai Missoni founded the company in Italy 1947, laying the cornerstone for a brand whose colors and patterns set the fashion world in motion. Ottavio Missoni met his future wife Ms. Rosita as a hurdler at the Olympic Games. They worked together to create the brand that brought so much vitality to the fashion world and epitomized Italian design of the 1960s.

Missoni handbags give us a little joie de vivre

The combination of high quality and characteristic patterns is what makes Missoni so unique. Stripes, waves, zigzags: Missoni designs are a clear style statement. The colors radiate without becoming too overwhelming. Missoni styles are reminiscent of joie de vivre and convey a wonderfully lively style. Naturally, each new Missoni collection features these classic designs, leading to new creations of high-quality Missoni handbags that cheerfully and understatedly reflect the fashion house’s signature style. Enjoy a hassle-free ordering experience for your new favorite Missoni bag online at Fashionette.

For more information about Missoni handbags, feel free to call our customer service team at 0800 240 44 30. Discover Missoni and over 100 other exclusive designers like Valentino, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Joop, and Boss Orange at Fashionette.