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Weekender, Messenger and Camera Bags – Shop bag from every category online at Fashionette!

Top designers offer a lot more bag styles apart from the classics like satchels or clutches, and they serve functional cause with these margin categories. Weekender bags and camera bags definitely get the popular vote when it comes to choosing bags for occasions. Sightseeing is much easier knowing your valued camera is well stowed and fashionably packaged in a designer camera bag. Labels like Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs have adopted camera bags into their collections that do not categorize as such by their appearance alone - at all. Yet, they feature padded interiors and a generous space that accommodate our compact and single-lens reflex cameras perfectly. Right in line with these convenient companions are messenger bags, whose design includes the signature flap. These functional crossbody bags are remain a hot trend in the world of fashion with labels like Mulberry and Valentino creating new variations in color and material with each new season. The most coveted messenger models are all available at Fashionette, so shop away!

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Style never takes a break – you know this as much as the next fashion victim, and so do fashion designers. That is why must-have weekender bags can be found with top brands like MCM or Gucci, who have created excellent combinations of style and functionality. Real-life influencers know that a sense of style and fashion does not stop at city trips or short travels. The different models come in more classic versions as well as updated trendy variants, thus conforming to requirements to both trendsetters and lovers of traditional styles. Take in all the advantages resulting from our broad selection and stop wishing for your perfect weekender bag, go get it – here at Fashionette!