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Designer Handle Bags

There is no way around them. We can’t image our handbag heaven without handle bags. They are the ultimate classic bag. Whether in retro style or absolute modern – there is no brand without at least one handle bag in its collection. The right choice is definitely not an easy task. Luxury, premium or up and coming designers – there are handle bags for every taste.

The Ultimate Must-Have-Bag: The Handle Bag

Simply throw it over your shoulder or casually toss it on your arm: handle bags are both incredibly practical and an ultra-chic way to complete your look. You will have a spot for everything, from makeup to all sorts of miscellany. Even the slightly smaller models offer more than enough space to accommodate a woman’s everyday necessities. Indeed, there’s no roomier bag than the handle bag. They are not only perfect for shopping, but can also act as a briefcase for the office. Handle bags are simply suitable for a wide variety of occasions and will never, ever be out of style.

Handle Bags are favorites for every occasion

The versatility of handle bags can be seen in the number of styles here at Fashionette: for example, the super stylish leopard print tote byDolce&Gabbana – perfect for going out – but also everyday classic styles by Liebeskind. Every woman should own at least one handbag because of how easy they are to combine with outfits. There is no one prototypical handle bag, however: Size and shape vary from model to model, and there is truly an enormous variety to choose from. Handle bags are absolute classics no matter what material they’re made of: patent leather, python leather, or even satin from Miu Miu for example. Handle bags are an absolute must-have – an irreplaceable part of every fashion-conscious woman’s wardrobe. Fashionette of course, offers you the most exclusive models here at our online shop.