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Wallets, Key chains and Co. - Shop small leather goods by your favorite designers at Fashionette!

With items like wallets and other small leather goods, top designers often offer us the miniature versions of their most popular and trendiest bag styles, allowing us the opportunity to gift ourselves with a cute companion that matches our favorite designer bag perfectly. Labels like Prada, Saint Laurent and Michael Kors create stylish leather goods in the shape of wallets, belts and key chains, all of which are designed with their larger sized bag version in mind and not missing the monogram or embroidered applications either. That way, fashionistas can decide between wearing their designer of choice from head to toe and shaking it up a little by mixing different designers in one outfit. Like everywhere else, fashion should be worn true to the motto: it’s all in the mix.

Find the perfect match - for your bag!

Find designer accessories like charms, card holders and other small leather goods at Fashionette and see how style cannot be determined by size. Test your decorator skills and enhance your designer bag with fluffy fur charms or exchange your worn-out wallet for a shiny new one. Fashionette offers you trendy and classic accessories for you and your bag.