Borse con brillantini

Tutto in saldo

Brillano, scintillano, risplendono! Con queste borse con brillantini non saranno soltanto i tuoi occhi a brillare! Attirerai tutti gli sguardi ovunque ti trovi.

Glitter bags à la Hollywood

Whether they are large or small; striking or subtle; in silver, gold or other colours: a handbag with glitter gems or rhinestones brings an extra dose of Hollywood glamour and elegance into your wardrobe. The stars and starlets have paved the way: A lovely evening dress comes into its own with the matching clutch. A simple basic shirt with casual jeans will gain a new look during brunch when you carry a glitter bag. Essential to have: the bags should be of outstanding quality and excellent design. Glitter bags don’t have to be shrill and colourful – stylish is also trendy. Classy nude looks, sporty street styles and casual chic can be superbly combined with shimmering accents in everyday life. Together with simple styles, the look will never be over-the-top and give the glamour accessory the stage that it requires.

From C as in Clutch to T as in Tote

During the day pragmatic ladies rely on a large tote with rhinestones or sequins that offers plenty of space and simultaneously creates a casual attitude through its size. The look is casual and glamorous: perfect for providing a small highlight to jeans, shirt and espadrilles in the summer or boots in the winter. The targeted use of rhinestones creates sparkling eye-catchers that draw complete attention towards them, even off the red carpet. In order to avoid overkill, the dazzling elements tend to have a more pointed emphasis, even with spacious formats. In the evening: it’s time for “spot on” – things need to sparkle! An figure-hugging, long evening gown made of shimmering silk with an exciting cut at the back offers an all-over glitter bag the stage that this accessory needs. As a handbag with striking glitter stones, it is above all clutches and pochettes that take the limelight. Although the pochette is more your companion for dance-through-the-night party nights. The trendy glitter stones are usually deployed less extensively here.