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Serpui su fashionette

For women who don’t need summer to live on the brighter side of life.


Happy Bags by Serpui

The bags by Brazilian newcomer label Serpui are wearable works of art, made by Brazilian native Serpui Marie. The designer was born in Brazil’s fashion capital São Paulo, where she still lives and works today. Serpui Marie creates four collections a year in her studio. The bag creations are all made by hand, and all using solely sustainable raw materials. Natural materials like bast, wood or shimmering mother of pearl are all signatures of Serpui designs – an homage to the picturesque flora and fauna of her home.

Serpui bags also embody the Brasilian temperament and South American lightness. Colourful pom poms, floral embroideries, large smiley appliqués as well as decorative wooden pearls allmake the look of the current Serpui collection stand out and bring colour into everyday city life. The highlight of the season? No doubt about it: The extravagant Pineapple Bag, which makes a clear stylish statement with its ananas shaped silhouette.

Serpui: Designer bags with a good mood guarantee

The passion for beautiful bags runs through Serpui Marie’s veins: Even as a little girl, the designer was always taken by the bags her mother wore, as she always knew just the right clutch to pair with every outfit. This passion for beautiful handbags developed itself into a whole business, which has brought Serpui Marie success on an international level.
Celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston or Selma Hayek are just some of the many long time lovers of Serpui creations. International fashion magazines like InStyle, Marie Claire, Glamour, Elle, L’Officiel, Vogue and Cosmopolitan also can’t get enough of the feel-good designs created by the Brazilian designer – how great is it then, that these extravagant bags are now available at fashionette!

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