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Pochette su fashionette

L’appuntamento perfetto! Non è solo la passione di una notte: l’affascinante mini bag è l’accessorio da party per eccellenza – un accompagnatore elegante a cui non sappiamo rinunciare...


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Pure elegance on about 15x25 cm - only the Pochette bag. The small but fine companion is based on ancient models from the 18th century and finally found its way into the fashion Olympus in the 1930s. Since then, top designers such as Fendi and Yves Saint Taschen have created true cult models, ranging from the classic fashion pioneers Audrey Hepburn to the poor to admire the fashion icons of the new millennium like Sarah Jessica Parker. The fact that the Pochette is such a much-coveted bag, does not surprise at all. The flat design and the fine shoulder strap combine the best features of a [Clutch](/ clutch "Designer Clutch") and a [Satchel](/ satchel "Designer Satchel"), only in compressed size. For a complete outfit of the perfect evening wear, the Pochette is definitely one of the essentials. Whether a chic ensemble or an elegant dress, a pochette attests to her wearer's true instinct for fashion. Prove your sense of style and find your Pochette - now at Fashionette.

Princess Chic very easy! Find great pochettes from MCM, Michael Kors, Versace and more. on fashionette

Evening Bags are the absolute must-haves of every woman. For this reason, popular brands in each collection offer matching models, sometimes in classic design, sometimes in the spirit of current trends. Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabban are just a few of the top designers who design stunning eveningwear models and thus offer a wide selection of different Pochettes. That the compact bags look both elegant and stylish, but at the same time are comfortable to wear and provide ample storage space for the most important items for a glamorous evening like Wallet, smartphone and make-up, Of course designer Pochettes are the preferred companions of fashionistas. The Pochette bag can be worn on various occasions - whether as a bridal sweetheart and you in the stylish Pochette bags and expand your collection easily and simply by mouse click - online at fashionette.

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